20 серпня 2012

How to firmware Lenovo A789 (MTK6577) with mod recovery


01. unpack SP_Flash_Tool_v3.1222.00 and img folder to some place (better in a root folder of drive, i.e. c:\flashtool_a789\)
02. run Flash_tool.exe
03. press Scatter-loading button
04. choose img\MT6577_Android_scatter_emmc.txt and press Enter
05. now you'll see two files in a table below:
06. switch OFF the Lenovo a789 and disconnect (!) it from your PC if it is connected
07. remove and place back the phone's battery
08. DON'T switch on (!) the phone until step #16
09. Go to the Flash Tool window and press Download button
10. if you had a notice like "not good to flash rom partially" press "OK", "I know" or something like that
11. now the software is waiting for Lenovo a789 to be connected to PC
12. connect the phone to PC (still don't switch it on!!!)
13. after the connecting, two files from step #05 should be sent to the phone by the cable (if you have installed drivers)
14. if you need drivers,
a) take it from Drivers folder and install it
b) after drivers' installing, press Cancel (of Downloading) in the Flash Tool
c) disconnect the phone
d) go back to step #05
15. if you successfully have firmwared the phone with boot and recovery images you should see a Green ring (OK) ;)
16. disconnect the phone from PC
16. now you could try to switch the phone ON, but I guess it couldn't start
17. so, remove and place back the battery again
18. try to switch the phone ON and it should start properly
19. now you can connect the a789 to PC and copy firmware.zip to the root folder of microSD card placed in your phone (i.e. f:\firmware.zip)
20. after the copying firmware.zip choose MobileUncle Tool in a menu of the phone and start it
21. press Reboot into Recovery in MobileUncle
22. in a recovery mode you should choose (use vol+/vol- for jumping across strings and Power to apply the command)
a) install zip from sd card
b) choose file firmware.zip
c) press install
23. that's all
24. after that you can choose in a recovery menu "reboot phone" and make cup of coffee for yourself (the phone may boot 3-5 minutes in a first time)!

written by Sergiy Gorichenko
aka sgg / sggua

2012-08-20, Kyiv, Ukraine


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