27 лютого 2013

Горячие клавиши | Finereader

Знайома запитала як швидше робити сканування у Finereader і я не знайшов нічого краще за підказку по гарячих клавішах на сайті Горячие клавиши | Finereader

Пропоную матеріал без редагування мовою оригіналу.

18 лютого 2013

Command line tricks to restore the system or data partition in Android smartphones

Picture cropped from original by LO28@xda
Command line tricks to restore the system or data partition of Android smartphones after the fail of RUU update with four exclamation points in corners.

HTC T528D couldn't boot nor a normal boot, neither recovery, neither even bootloader but it was visible through fastboot and after clearing the cache:

fastboot erase cache

I could reflash it one more time with RUU-update.
After the successfully update I unlocked it's bootloader through htcdev website.

I had just one problem - I couldn't do any acts in recovery mode, even CWM. I have seen only black screen or vertical color lines in the recovery mode.


1. install ADB
2. check if your phone is visible through ADB

adb devices
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * List of devices attached HC2CYMK01124        device


Reboot to recovery without re-flashing the recovery.img